Flor&Fjære is a privately owned family property, open for pre-booked visits during the summer months. A visit to Flor & Fjære is a visit to a family’s garden. Built with passion over three generations, the garden has grown from a windswept homestead to a colorful oasis.

It all started in 1965. Åsmund and Else Marie Bryn bought a windswept homestead on the northern tip of Sør-Hidle, where they built a family cabin.

In 1987, Åsmund received disability benefits and began planting the area. Eventually the garden got bigger and bigger. Flor & Fjære took shape and people flocked. After a while there was a need for refreshments, and in 1995 his son Olav and his wife Siri opened the restaurant.

Now it is the third generation, Endre Bryn Hidlefjord and his wife Hanne Kvernberg Hidlefjord, who have taken over, and the plans for new expansions are ready.

A visit to Flor&Fjære starts with a pleasant boat trip to the island of Sør-Hidle. Upon arrival to the island, the guides are ready to show you the beauty of the gardens and share secrets, tips and stories.

The garden tour takes about 40 minutes. The tour is adapted to everyone, and the gardens are easily accessible, wandering through lush gardens on paths paved with cobblestones or gravel.

A tour provides insight into 3 generations’ passion to create the world’s most beautiful garden.

After the garden tour, a 3-course dinner is served, including an appetizer, main course and dessert with coffee/tea. Other drinks are additional.

All photos: Anne Valeur