Named after the architect who created its circular lines and geometric shapes, it wears its 1930s heritage on its sleeve. The late 30’s was a great time for functionalistic architecture in Stavanger. In 1937, the machine department of Rogaland Felleskjøp moved into the brand new building in Nordbøgata 8.

Together with his family, Eilert Smith spent a lot of time at his cabin. He also loved fishing for salmon with friends. He thrived on the coast and at sea. Eilert Smith was more of an artist than a businessman. The aesthetics of his projects was incredibly important to him.

Eilert Smith was described as a cheerful and kind man. Because he was so outgoing, warm and funny, he often became the social center everywhere he went. He got along well with people of all ages and from different backgrounds. We want to take these qualities with us when we give our guests the world's best hotel experience in Stavanger.

Explore the history of Eilert Smith Hotel, and the journey from a retail shop to a Boutique hotel.

At Eilert Smith Hotel we do everything to make your stay a unique experience, and you do not have to think about all the practicalities - we are happy to do it for you!

Sustainability is an important part of everyday life and is part of everything we do, from suppliers we work with, to products we use in cleaning and to the breakfast served in the room. Everything has been carefully selected for your comfort, and never at the expense of the climate.

Find your way to us. It is easy to get to the hotel regardless of the means of transport you use. We guide you through Stavanger and straight to our front door.