Nordbøgata 8 was built as an agricultural warehouse in 1937 and was designed by the architect Eilert Smith. The building is an early example of functional architecture in Norway, and the style is characterized by innovation and faith in the future.

The use of materials was to be robust and built for future generations. This mindset has been widely used and has guided the rehabilitation, expansion and transformation of the warehouse building into a hotel.

The fundament of the building has been reused together with the old architectural drawings. The concrete facade on the outside is insulated with lime mortar to keep water and wind gusts from the sea to damage the building.

The material palette consists of wood, brass, marble and natural stone. Key words when it comes to material selection is durability, high quality that will last for many years. The materials and suppliers are carefully selected. Good craftsmanship, sustainability and healthy ethical workplaces are preferred.

  • Interior from Eikund - Reproducer of Norwegian design from the 1950s
  • Copenhagen furniture joinery
  • Previous windows
  • Art from Scandinavia, mainly Norwegian artists

We prefer to collaborate with local suppliers who focus on quality in their products.

Hotel selection

Breakfast is prepared by the restaurant RE-NAA. The food is freshly made and served in the room according to the selected menu - this leads to minimal food waste and provides an unique experience. The breakfast menu changes according to the season, and local suppliers are hand-picked to ensure the best quality of the meal.

Wine and Champagne
We have a limited selection of wine and champagne. The products we recommend are a part of our signature selection and provided by RE-NAA. The restaurant was elected to “Norway's best wine menu”. We are proud to have their expertise as a part of the drink menu.

Our beer is bottled from a local Norwegian brewery called Lervig. Lervig Brewery is an independently owned craft brewery in Stavanger. Lervig produces a wide selection of beers from easy-drinking pilsners and pale ale to bold and complex barrel-aged stouts, barley wines and sours.

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