Our story

Eilert Smith Hotel is situated in the heart of Stavanger, amongst old wooden houses and modern high-rise buildings. This architectural gem was built in 1937 and designed by Eilert Smith, a renowned architect from Stavanger. The building was originally used as a warehouse and sales room for local farmers. Today, the building has been restored to house one of Stavanger’s finest hotels. The hotel owners Signe Anne and Kristoffer Stensrud have a desire to preserve the historical heritage, renew it and create a vibrant hotel.

The building is characterized by a number of design features which are typical for the time period and the architectural style in which it was built. Ensuring the city’s residents have sufficient access to air, sunlight and green areas is one of the core elements of functionalist thinking. The building’s height is in line with functionalism’s strict requirements, and allows air and light to flow through the streets. The staircase with its tall and narrow window, which can be spotted on the south side of the building, is also one of the functionalist features preserved in the building today.