Private cruise to Lysefjorden

Experience Lysfjord and Pulpit Rock with style and comfort in one of Stavanger’s finest yachts.

This is an unforgettable VIP tour to some of the most spectacular fjords and sceneries in Norway. Visit Lysefjorden in ultimate class and comfort aboard a luxurious private yacht, paired with delicious food and stunning landscape.

Private Cruise is a high-end luxury private cruise and charter company in Stavanger, and provide cruises to families and small groups aboard two exceptional yachts. Private Cruise prides itself on the ability to make the perfect cruise for almost any occasion. They deliver daily private sightseeing cruises as well as delivering a service which is completely customized, unique and personal.

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Private city tour with guide & vehicle

This package combines sightseeing by foot and by car. Enjoy the different sights and points of interest in Stavanger and the area around our beautiful city. This is the perfect tour for those visiting Stavanger without a car.

Guide Companiet takes you on a tour in Stavanger. You will be driving around in a comfortable car, and visit the beautiful beaches at Jæren, fishing ports and the famous Sverd i Fjell monument. At Hafrsfjord, you will learn interesting facts about the Vikings and the battle of Sverd i Fjell.

During the city walk you will enjoy the view of the city from our highest vantage point while the guide tells you all about our city's rich history. The tour also includes a visit at Viking House museum,

After the tour your guide brings you back to Eilert Smith Hotel, where you can relax and enjoy your stay after a day filled with new impressions.

Package for 2 people includes:

  • 1 night at Eilert Smith Hotel
  • Breakfast served in-room
  • 3 hour tour with private guide, including use of private vehicle for 2 hours
  • Entrance to Viking House museum and VR experience

Stops and points of interest can be adapted according to guests's wishes, and are agreed in advance

All images: GuideCompaniet / Miriam Pettersen

Stavanger city tour

See the best of Stavanger when GuideCompaniet takes you on a guided tour of Stavanger's hidden gems and historic buildings.

Follow one of our handpicked locals, want nothing more than to share their love for the city with you. Discover Stavanger’s many hidden gems and get in touch with the real feel of the city. Get to know some of the city’s main icons and personalities and their influence on today’s living standards.

Sammen med guiden, som forteller dere om byens spennende historie, rusler dere gjennom gateløp fra 1200-tallet samtidig som dere får oppleve nymoderne gatekunst. Sild og sardiner, skipsredere og oljebaroner – Stavanger er byen med mange historier, og GuideCompaniet forteller dere de beste.

Package for 2 people includes:

  • 1 night at Eilert Smith Hotel
  • Breakfast served in-room
  • 2 hour guided tour of Stavanger

The tour guide will meet you at Eilert Smith Hotel. Pick-up point will be arranged beforehand.

All images: Moxey

Helicopter tour of Lysefjorden

Fly over Stavanger and the beautiful Lysefjord by helicopter. This is the fastest and most comfortable way to experience the amazing fjord landscapes the Stavanger region has to offer.

Many have visited Pulpit Rock and Kjerag, but very few have experienced the famous mountain formations from above. Along with GuideCompaniet we invite you to a unique tour of Stavanger and Lysefjord. Choose between two different helicopter tours that can be adapted according to our guests' needs.

Tour 1: Stavanger and Pulpit Rock

This tour takes you on a flight over Stavanger and Lysefjorden, where you can enjoy panoramic views over the fjord and the majestic mountain formations of Pulpit Rock.

  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Price 9 500 NOK
  • Includes pick-up/drop-off at Eilert Smith Hotel

Tour 2: Stavanger, Pulpit Rock and Kjerag

On this tour the helicopter takes you further beyond Pulpit Rock all the way in over Lysefjord, where you get fantastic views of the Kjerag boulder.

  • Duration 60 minutes
  • Price 18 500 NOK
  • Includes pick-up/drop-off at Eilert Smith Hotel

Contact us directly if you would like to book you stay at Eilert Smith Hotel combined with a helicopter tour of the Lysefjord.

All images: Kristian Elvestad