Welcome to Eilert Smith Hotel

Our boutique hotel is a hidden gem – tucked between Stavanger’s old wooden houses and modern high-rise buildings. With 11 individually designed rooms we invite you to a hotel stay beyond your expectations. High quality products, comfort and exceptional service is important to us, and we will do our best to make sure that each visit will be a memorable one.

The hotel is located in a quiet area of the city centre, and you will find Stavanger’s cultural attractions and city life within walking distance. Whether you are traveling for business, visiting Stavanger to experience art and culture or celebrating a special occasion you are most welcome to Eilert Smith Hotel.


On the ground floor you will find RE-NAA, the gourmet restaurant awarded with a star in Guide Michelin. Sven Erik Renaa’s focus on natural and local produce makes this a unique dining experience. The dishes are prepared and presented by his handpicked chefs and inspired by the surrounding landscape.

To make a reservation please visit renaa.dinesuperb.com.

Eilert Smith Hotel

Our building was originally designed by architect Eilert Smith and built in 1937. The impressive building is a prime example of Norwegian functionalist architecture. Functionalism had its heyday in Stavanger in the late 1930s, at a time characterized by optimism and economic growth. You can still see a number of design features typical for the this period preserved in the building today. Because of the building’s distinct architecture, each room is uniquely shaped and individually designed.